Monday, 29 October 2007

team review, contribution 26–50…

The GIMP UI team had a meeting and discussed the next 25 posts of the brainstorm, from unclutter… to squared up…

In addition to what we saw for the first 25, we see that contributors are trying to solve the following problems:
  • some contributions try to make painting on the canvas more comfortable by being able to rotate the canvas;
  • improve identification of the layer one is painting on;
  • offer a more flexible, modular, fine-grained configuration of the toolbox;
  • several contributions try to minimise or break up the menu bar;
  • move away from the current heavy window and widget decoration style towards a much more lightweight appearance.
We got some new ideas from these contributions:
  1. radically shorten and optimise the right-click context menu for the context it is clicked in;
  2. community sharing of gimp settings/resources/tool parameters via;
  3. more hands-on, direct manipulation of feathering;
  4. scrolling through a list of filters for easier experimentation and to check out what they do.
Thanks to all contributors…

unified brush editor…