Friday, 16 November 2007

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

team review, contribution 51–75…

The GIMP UI team had a meeting and discussed the next 25 posts of the brainstorm, from moving selection's content to selecting multiple layers.

By the way, the first two reviews we spend several hours discussing 25 entries. This time however just over one hour, because the main topics look to be already covered.

In addition to what we saw before, we see that contributors are trying to solve the following problems:
  • some try to improve scrolling the canvas, to better navigate the image;
  • organisation, categorisation of the toolbox
  • the need for an integrated, all-in-one, quick transformation tool; the different contributions are worth investigating further;
  • a need to integrate GIMP better with photo browsing workflows.
We got some new ideas from these contributions:
  1. progress bar on demand;
  2. having good indication of the color space you are working in.
Thanks to all contributors…