Friday, 18 January 2008

one key to show/hide any dialog

peter sikking says: love the hand-drawn image. not only is it more efficient to create (in this case), but also it seems to be more human, a better emotional communicator of the idea. thanks…

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

team review, contribution 76–100…

The GIMP UI team discussed the next 25 posts of the brainstorm, from canvas-confined visibility to ribbon-based concept.

In addition to what we saw before, we see that contributors are trying to solve the following problems:
  • seeing what part of a layer will really end up in the final image and which part ‘falls’ outside the canvas;
  • a need for better control over creation of animations (e.g. animated GIF);
  • to clearly separate the generic background from the image content, without making the background distractive;
  • making small changes to yesterday’s brushstrokes.
We got some new ideas from these contributions:
  1. the perspective guides: nice, can be done very elegantly;
  2. a more powerful color picker
Thanks to all contributors…