Thursday, 12 June 2008

better UI and features...

peter sikking says:

I have started to notice lately that a growing portion of the ideas submitted are more of a feature request than a contribution towards improving GIMP’s UI.

There is no relationship between more features and a better UI. That is a common trap developers fall into. Even more crass: with the general state of software today, you can significantly scrap features (like, chop 20+ percent off), redesign the UI with professional methods and end up with an application that does more, with less user effort.

A paradox? Hint: in the end result a higher percentage of the original features would be findable, usable and actually valuable.

We from the UI team love to see your UI ideas here, but will filter out more aggressively the pure feature requests. No more entries that only have the new feature label.

Thanks for participating…

ps: about a week ago I deleted by accident a contribution that had landed in the spam folder. If you contributed in the last 1–2 weeks and did not get posted, please send in again.